121 University Place: Book Dedication



This book is dedicated to

Robert J. Shoemaker, M.D.

Thank you Dr. Shoemaker. I wrote this book for you.

I love you.

I miss you. I'll never forget you.



Reader Reviews

Best Book of the Year

"This book is, first of all, a phenomenal read. It's well-written, interesting and answers many questions about the human condition."

Fascinating Read

"For a period of several years Panesi visited Dr. Shoemaker and his recounting of his sessions with the good doctor is a fascinating read. In fact, without having any formal training as a writer, Panesi understands more of the importance of economy of language and maintaining a good pace than many an experience author."

- Norm Goldman,
"Top 500 Reviewer",
Editor & Publisher of Bookpleasures

Better Than Freud?

"Lou, . . . I once had a cake business: lowfat cakes. Fabulous cakes but every one of them perishable. What you have is not perishable. It will last forever. It is a classic. It's a story no one has ever told. Even Freud did not explain the psyhoanalytic process as well as you have. A zillion thanks. love and peace. . . "

- Dianne T., Philadelphia, PA

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