Many thanks to those who supported me in
writing and designing this book:
Barbara McNichol, editor
Caron B. Goode, Ed.D., coach and mentor
Nancy Cleary, designer and publishing consultant
Shawn Dobbins, illustrator
Kim Honeycutt for her encouragement
Marca Storey, therapist
Jill Eilenberger, therapist
Beth Barrineau Ward, therapist
Kim Honeycutt, therapist
James E. Lee, M.D., neuropsychiatrist
Nancy Richter, proof-reader and friend
Diane Trachtenberg, coach and mentor
Frank Palombi
Elizabeth Bennett Holmes
Chuck Steinmiller
Lester J. Bolanovich, Psychiatrist
Roberto Clemente, my childhood hero


A special heartfelt thank you to my dermatologist, William S. Gibson,
M.D., who introduced me to Dr. Shoemaker
and changed my life forever.

Reader Reviews

A Pilot's Battle Between the Heavens and Hell of his Youth

"This was one of those books I couldn't put down and fortunately I didn't have to. Even though the story ends, you will be inspired with the feeling Mr. Panesi's life, although matured, has just begun."

Fascinating Read

"For a period of several years Panesi visited Dr. Shoemaker and his recounting of his sessions with the good doctor is a fascinating read. In fact, without having any formal training as a writer, Panesi understands more of the importance of economy of language and maintaining a good pace than many an experience author."

- Norm Goldman,
"Top 500 Reviewer",
Editor & Publisher of Bookpleasures

Important Story, Well-Written, May 21, 2009

"I read this book in one day.  It was well-written.  Poignant.  Heartwrenching."


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