This book gives the reader a unique insight into the world of psychoanalysis that few have experienced.  It is informative and educational, not only to those in the mental health field, but also to anyone who has been abused.  It has been described by readers as courageous, well-written, and impossible to put down.  It is entertaining, informative, and will serve to enlighten people on the mind-boggling possibilities of therapy done right.  The heartwarming one-in-a-million story will touch people all over the world and provide inspiration as the reader is taken through Panesi’s tortured upbringing to his euphoric victory.

Quick Read

121 University is 212 pages and can be read in 3-4 hours. Take a look at two sample chapters to get a brief overview of the writing style.

121 University Place: Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Bloody Back Leads To My Lucky Break 13
Chapter 2 My First Visit With Dr. Shoemaker 19
Chapter 3 “It’s All Bullshit” 29
Chapter 4 From Tuscany To Carnegie 45
Chapter 5 August 7, 1971: My Dream Is Born 51
Chapter 6 Living With Insanity 57
Chapter 7 Getting My License, Losing My Hero 63
Chapter 8 My Money Runs Out, My Sessions End 69
Chapter 9 My New Therapist 71
Chapter 10 Returning To Dr. Shoemaker 73
Chapter 11 No Charge? 81
Chapter 12 “You Need a Gimmick” 87
Chapter 13 “Do Men Your Age Kiss Women?” 95
Chapter 14 “You’ve Got to Be Ambidextrous” 105
Chapter 15 Four Hundred Dollars 113
Chapter 16 Ohio University 119
Chapter 17 Dear Dad … 129
Chapter 18 My First Time 135
Chapter 19 “You Write It” 141
Chapter 20 “What’s Wrong With Me?” 145
Chapter 21 “I Hate You” 151
Chapter 22 Transference 155
Chapter 23 The Anger Comes Out 161
Chapter 24 My Back Clears Up 167
Chapter 25 Dr. Shoemaker Says Goodbye 171
Chapter 26 December 15, 1986: My Dream Fulfilled 179
Epilogue   183
Afterword   189
Photos   197

Professors / Mental Health Professionals

"Lou Panesi’s book, 121 University Place should be on the required reading list for students enrolled in psychology classes at the undergraduate and graduate level. There is more psychological insight in this book than in most text books."

Jill C. Eilenberger, LCSW, LMFT

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Reader Reviews

Fascinating! Not For The Faint of Heart.

"A fascinating account of the psychotherapeutic process told from the patient's perspective . . . not for the squeamish or faint of heart."

- James E. Lee, M.D., Neuropsychiatrist

Important Lessons - Well Written!

"The ability of a dermatologist to recognize a skin condition as being more than 'skin deep' is an important lesson for all doctors. A very well-written book that will reach for your soul."

- James Seward, M.D., Dermatologist


"A realistic account of what it is like growing up in an emotionally abusive family. The author's description of the therapeutic process he experienced is very realistic also. "

- Jill Eilenberger, LCSW, LMFT,

A rare and intelligent account of a son surviving his dysfunctional Father . . .

"Lou Panesi exposes himself honestly and directly as he retells his life story. His dysfunctional Father nearly destroys his chance of a normal life leaving him homeless and alone by the age of nineteen. Fate connects him to a caring and talented psychiatrist that leads him on an agonizing and amazing recovery. The book is ultimately one of triumph and redemption that leaves the reader feeling proud of Lou and glad they were permitted along for the ride."

- Scott H. Cupp, Attorney


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